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Posted by: roydjt Aug 31 2015, 12:13 PM

What year/engine is it, and how many miles? The Beta2's had a perceived dip in that range as the engine transitioned the cam timings via the CVVT system as well as injector controls. At lower RPMs, the engine is tuned for higher efficiency (MPG). At higher RPMs, the timing changes to optimize power. This change is done through small oil passageways. It might be possible that some sludge could be built up in those areas, so the cams don't make the transition at the designed rate. Have you had lapses in oil changes or switched to a different weight oil? It's important to use the specified oil weight for exactly this reason. A less viscous oil will cause problems with the CVVT system. Also, cheap oil filters will cause issues with the oil system as well.


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