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> i30 Foglights on new Elantra GT , by sunsteath
Options V

Material needed :
I30 foglights and covers (my choice were the LED ones)
foglight switch (still in the mail)
foglight wiring harness
14 gauge wire roll
waterproof connectors (used old hid bulb connectors)
8 phillips 20 mm lenght body screws

Tools needed :
Phillips #2 screwdriver
8 - 10 and 12 box sockets
ratchet (I recommend a set like a mastercraft maximum basic)
blancket (to rest the bumper on)
solder and soldering iron
electrical tape
grinder with cutting wheels or oxy-acethylene torches

(unfortunately no pictures but i will take some tomorow)

how to install I30 foglights on a canadian GT gs (american model should be the same)

step 1: remove the bumper two 8mm bolts in the fender liners 6 phillips head plastic clips on the radiator cover and 6 under the bumper
once removed, pull moderately hard on the bumper at the fender joint on both sides, should come off easily.

step 2 : rest the bumper on a blanket (prevent scratches)

step 3: remove the GS foglight blank plugs from the bumper (I used a drill with a phillips #2 bit) theyr'e are 4 screws on each sides

step 4 : install I30 foglight surround (dont install the upper outer corner screw yet)

step 5: install the foglights in their holders you need on that order , install original upper outer screw , align in holes and use the 20mm body screw mentionned in the material list on the remaining holes.

foglights are now installed in the bumper

step 1 : install new connectors on the foglight wires (I used spades for the ground and halogen and a KET for the LED power)

step 2 : wiring harness (universal 4 poles relay) pin 85 goes to the switch in the cabin , pass the wire from inside through the hood cable gromet. ( I will be using a
ign ON fuse as a signal)
pin 86 is the ground (there is a main one just under the headlight on the driver side use this one)
pin 87 goes to the foglamps , tips is use electrical tape or zipties to attach this wire to the passenger side horn wiring, clean and solid
pin 30 goes to the battery

step 3 : cut two 1 1/2 feet wires and add connectors to both ends (spade on one end and loop on the other for me)

step 4 : remove the fender front lower bolt, use it as a ground on both side with the wires you made in the preceding step

fish a wire through the underhood fuse box and feed it to the ECU6 fuse, its a ignition ON fuse
pass wire along the other one attached to the horn wiring, add your connectors (Mine were KET from old hid bulbs soldered on the wire after running it to adjust lenght)

and here lies the catch the bumper crash bar needs to be modified a little bit as it is 4 1/2 inches too long on both sides and the foglights hit them preventing the bumper to be installed

first remove the crash beam, four 12 mm bolts on each sides and two 10 mm on each sides also remove the horn with a 10 mm

once removed use your torches or grinder or both to remove 4 1/2 inches on both ends , paint nude metal properly to prevent rust

reinstall crash beam

plug everything and reinstall the bumper, you now have fully functionnal KDM foglamps.

the result

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