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> Swirl Removal by hand , Not and easy task but here it is!
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OK...You have decided on a Product....Without technique you may be very disappointed. is my only suggestion......Please study this article.....Use the PlastX with the same technique.....In lieu of the foam applicator pad....I would use high grade brand of 100% cotton towels....Not Cheapos! Roll a smaller towel up very roll the towel you intend to put the product on around the smaller "inside" towel.....You now have some density to your towel.....Put on the chemical and begin rubbing in small tight motions....I would rub against the grain of the scratches.....Rub linearly...up/down, left to right, right to left, also same motions on a doing this you assure full coverage to the scratches and the lens.

Using Scratch X by Hand

Do not give up.....Repeat the process.....When to add more will blend in after a while.....use your eyes and "feel" before using a bit of PASSION and your arms legs and shoulders....rub and you will be generating a surprising amount of heat from your cotton towel. Cotton has a bit more bit and will generate more heat by hand than a foam applicator.

Keep repeating until you are satisfied.....One or two passes may not make a not give up....actually as you take scratches off initially it may look worse due to a strange fact. As you take off the smaller scratches the larger deeper ones now have to repeat the process until satisfied.....

Also - go into this with realistic expectations. Take your fingernail and run it across the scratches.....does it "fall" into any areas? these places may not see the removal as you may like as they are very must be careful with deep scratches if you were using a rotary because it could burn the film layer right off the plastic if the scratch was to deep.

So many times people ask "what's best product"....but in actuality the TECHNIQUE is so much more inportant than the chemical....add a good chemical with great technique and you can make some $$.

Important Note:

Unless you have experience on a Rotary you may be creating much more damage than taking out your swirls. Also you must watch for high points due to these areas having less paint. Well actually they are weaker areas and the paint is more fragile here than on the flat surfaces of the hood. Most experienced detailers do not take their DA above 1500 unless there is a specific purpose. Judging by your question regarding 3000 rpm I gather you may not have any experience. You must be knowledgeable about paint, the correct pads, and chemicals to use......Please reconsider if you have not purchased already. If you have I suggest getting a hood from the salvage yard and Practice, Practice, Practice......It is not rocket science and you will get the feel.....but getting the feel on your vehicle with no experience would not be adviseable.......

You can burn through the paint within a second without knowing what you are doing. you can rid your car's surface of swirls by polishing and using excellent technique. This comes with experience.

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