Replacing the HD Automatic shift knob

DIY project by justin0426

I have been trying to figure out how to remove my 2010 HD automatic shift knob for a while now, and with some determination, I finally did it. I searched the net but all I would see is "Turn the cover counter clock wise and pull up...." So I figure I will give a better explanation and PICTURES. It really all started when I was at Autozone and saw this shifter I really wanted. Now, I finally have it (Evil laugh) lol. Let's get started!!!

Tools Needed

Small Phillips Screw Driver or Flat Head
(Either OR)

New Shift Knob (Make sure that it is long enough to cover the screw hole I will show you or if you are creative then whatever you like)
Shift Knob Spacer thingy (Forgot what it was called sorry, but it goes inside the shift knob for a tighter fit when screwing)
Drill and drill bits (Or anything that works for you)

First, set the E-Brakes, and put the car in Reverse or Neutral (It allows for more room to remove the screw cover)

Next, you can twist the screw cover either way. Twist it with some muscle, it could be pretty tough. If you hear a click, it's ok. It's not going to break. I heard it and started chickening out. Anyway I did it like a man LOL.

Once you man or woman up, then you should be able to slide it down like this

Oops! It's still in park
There we go! Oh! Look! There's our friend The Screw. Hello Mr. Screw!

Now, You have to inform our friend Mr. Screw that he's being evicted, but you have a new place for him to live. (Where ever you wish to keep him) biggrin.gif

Here's some pic random pics. just so you can get an idea of what's going on in the inside.

The next three pics. are just me drilling a hole in the shifter spacer thing that goes inside the shift knob (Big enough to go over the shifter rod or whatever the name is). I had 5 of them with different thicknesses and I just chose the one that fit best.

Now you just,

Screw on the shifter (I had 3 screws) make sure it's tight enough, don't want any accidents. That would be horrible!!!

And here's the finish product:

- justin0426

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