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> Exhaust Options and Opinions
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Exhaust Options

The Elantra has a pretty stout 2.0L 4cyl with a lot of low end punch for its displacement. In order to maximize this power, a free flowing exhaust system is one of the first modifications you should do. There are plenty of options available to you.

The O.E.M. exhaust system is tuned for the best low end and mid range torque while keeping the car super quiet. There are also two catalytic converters to slow down and cool the exhaust, using titanium and other metals to clean the exhaust before its exited the vehicle.

The stock muffler is a chambered design with a turn down tip. There are three main components of the exhaust system that you can upgrade for maximum performance.

The exhaust manifold or header:

(The picture above is the stock manifold with the first cat attached to it)

Now, to maximize performance, you have to compromise on noise and pollution. noise pollution! lol. When you replace the manifold with a high flowing equal length "header" you are eliminating that first catalytic converter. If you live in a Super strict state like CT, NY or California this might not be an option for you. Otherwise, a free flowing exhaust manifold will free up some ponies for you. There are a lot of options available for the elantra, prices range from $99 - $500 depending on the style and manufacturer.

The second component is the midpipe, which contains the SECOND catalytic converter and the second o2 sensor.

This is where it can get a little tricky. When you replace the second cat with a performance product, the engine computer is no longer seeing the exhaust being cleaned and will throw a Check Engine Code for your second o2 sensor. Basically the computer thinks the o2 sensor is bad. This is a headache for some and other's don't care, but its something to think about.

The third component of the exhaust is the "cat back"

This is what most people will change and is completely emission safe. You replace the stock section of piping and the stock muffler with performance parts. Once again there are plenty of options available for your elantra with varying costs. Some of these options include Ark N2 and the Evofusion "cat back" which are direct bolt on and fit 01-06 models.

Of course you can always go to an experienced muffler shop and have them custom fit an exhaust or muffler for you. has plenty of videos and sound clips which can take the guessing out of "which is exhaust is right for you?"

Here's a compilation of exhaust sound clips of ElantraClub member cars:

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