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> Restoring your trim... , That darn trim...
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Trim tends to be one area that often gets neglected. Here are some methods to help restore trim to near new condition:

The 70% Rubbing Alcohol with kitchen sponge with abrasive side method

This method I tested a few weeks back and it really works! You may alternate the kitchen sponge with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser:

Use the alcohol to drench the sponge. Rub the trim with the abrasive side. (You should start seing the wax come off and spread over) Wipe with the other side of the sponge (non-abrasive side OR use a damp cloth to wipe). Repeat the steps if required. Dress trim with your favorite dressing.

TIP: Don't hit the paint with the sponge!

The Mr Clean Magic Eraser method

Simple, use water and the eraser and go nuts. You may also use a detergent if it's tougher selants/waxes. Wipe with a damp cloth afterwards.

TIP: Don't hit the paint!

Poorboy's Trim Restorer and a good sponge

This used to be my own method prior to Alcohol... Same steps as above. The only issue, this is a restorer and will leave wet looking marks over your paint if you get some on. You can take those marks off with a good m/f towel.

This method takes a bit more time as it's a combo product. It dresses and restores trim but does take more elbow grease to obtain the results.

Forever Black is a product that some people have used with mixed emotions. I don't recommend spending the cash for this. Using the household products above and then dress the trim with a good dressing should be cheaper for ya!
Forever Black

I will keep adding to it as I find or test other ways/products.

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