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> Removing Front Door Panels on 2013 Elantra Sedan , Front door panel removal guide
Options V
Short and sweet:
1) Open the front door.
2) Pop off the plastic triangle piece by the glass in the front. Use a flat screw driver or pry tool.
3) Remove screw hidden in the lower door area behind square access panel.
4) Remove screw hidden in door pull area behind square access panel.
5) From bottom of door insert pry tool (screwdriver or something non-marring) and pop off door.
There is a gap you can look for in the bottom to get started.
6) Continue from bottom up sides popping clips (try to pry or pull straight out).
7) When last clip is released lift door panel up and off window.
8) Remove 2 screws on inside holding door lever.
- NOTE: There's a little white clip where the 2 cables go into the door handle. Undo that clip
instead of removing the 2 screws, it's a lot easier.
9) Pull door lever through door panel and it will remain attached to car (remains with door if you go with unclipping instead of removing screws).
10) Undo wiring clips for speaker and/or seat heaters and/or driver controls.

Done. If done right no clips should be broken and door panel not scratched. Reverse the steps to re-install.

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