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> Rear Speaker DIY by Ishtar , for XD/XD2 hatchbacks
Options V
Difficulty: Semi-Easy

Time: 6 hours (one re-do and numerous test fits).

Equipment needed:

- Dremel tool with various attachments (whichever you feel best using)
- Speaker grilles
- Hot glue gun
- courage to not worry about F@#!ing it all up
- Miraculous assistant to be known as "best friend" or "Significant other" or "poor homeless bum you gave $2 to help"

Step 1:

Remove all grille material that will prevent a flush fit on the stock unit

Step two:

Dremel out factory speaker grille to fit your newer speakers

Step three:

Make this look pretty

Step four:

Hot glue new speaker grilles overtop unsightly hole.

Step Five:

Put it all back together.

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