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Posted by: elantragt Sep 25 2012, 10:06 AM

The biggest gains in fun factor for the Elantra tend to be in suspension modding. Unless you want to go forced induction the gains you get from stuff like CAI's and new exhausts are not huge. But yeah, there are some power gains. The Forte SX has one huge advantage over my old GT hatchback. It has much more power right from the factory. 38 more HP and 35 more lb-ft. of torque to be exact. That propels the automatic version to 0-60 in about 7.5 seconds and the manual in around 7 seconds. These cars have some pep.

Ok, so IMO the Forte SX has good power. Handling-wise the car does well but stock Goodyears tires are so-so and hold it back.

One thing the car needs improved is the way it feels over bumpy or bad roads. The rear just gets way too unsettled. Combine a bump and a sharp turn and the car just isn't very poised. So... what to do?

Well, Ultra Racing to the rescue. These guys make a ton of bars and braces that tighten up the car. By reducing flex in the chassis the car fees more composed on bad roads and the biggest plus is that steering is quicker and handling is better... noticeably better for me even though I only added two bars so far.

I have added a front strut bar (that tightened the front a bit and made the steering feel better) and a rear lower bar that completely made the car feel more composed and reduced understeer. I plan on adding the front/mid brace to solidify things even more.

Here's the one piece strut bar on my car:

Here's the rear lower bar (although that's not my car) on a Forte SX:

The car almost rides like it's on rails around curves. 40MPH highway ramps can be taken at 70MPH with little to no drama.

These bars work.

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