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The Review Zone is a section where member opinions on products and items used for/on the Elantra are posted. From perfomance parts to detailing supplies to tires, lights, appearance items, audio equipment and even maintenance items like oil, filters and tools. Even post reviews of auto related books and magazines.

All members are able to post reviews. They can also add comments to existing reviews. The products can be rated from 1(poor) to 5(excellent) by both the person writing the review and other members who have used the same product. All reviews are placed in categories to make things organized. A random review is linked to the Review Zone main page each time you visit the area.

Adding a New Review

On the left side menu under "Quick Links" you'll see a link to "Add New Review". Click on that. You'll then see the "review form".

"Product Name" is the name of the product/item/part you're reviewing. After doing that, choose the proper category from the dropdown menu. "Quick Description" is just that. A quick overview of the item. Next is the area where you write your full review of the product. BB Code is allowed to add links and images to your review. Let others know your opinion whether it's good or bad. Make the review as detailed as possible! Finally, you upload a "Review Image" to your review. Keep it small please! No larger than 420x420 pixels. Here's a tip for getting a generic product photo: Go to Google Images and type in the name of the product. Download the photo to your computer. Then, click "Browse" on the review form and choose that photo from your computer as your product highlight image.

Once you've filled the review form out completely, press the "Submit" button to add your review. Then you see your actual completed Product Review. There is a "Rate" area. You'll see 5 blue blocks. The first far left block(1) represents a poor product rating. The last far right block(5) represents an excellent product rating. Click on one of the 5 blocks that best represents your opinion of the part/item/product. That's it, your review is done.

Adding Comments

The Review Zone is meant to be interactive. If you've used the same product, please add your own comments/reviews to the original review.

An Important Note

Do not write a separate new review of a product that already has an existing review!

Instead, add your own opinion/review to the comments area of an existing review.
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