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The Garage is a vehicle database system for use by our club members. Members can enter their car's basics and list detailed information on all modifications they have added. Each modification has it's own page and is categorized. Other members can search out vehicles and leave comments in the guestbooks. This is a major and important feature of ElantraClub. In addition, the "Featured Car" is a great incentive for members to do a complete Garage listing. Their car could be featured on the main Garage page and Portal!


Getting Started

You can access the garage in several ways. There is a tab link above the banner on the left side as well as in the drop down box in a member's posts.

Once you've arrived at the Garage's main page you'll see a small menu box to the left:

Main Menu: Takes you to the Garage front page
Garage Tutorial: A tutorial on using the Garage
Search Garage: The garage's vehicle search engine
Statistics: A page filled with valuable information about cars in the Garage.

And below that you'll see "Create New Vehicle". Click on that link to add your car to the garage. You'll then go to a page to create your car's basics. Things like year, make, model, color, price paid and more. Fill that out completely and make sure you put some details in the "description" box. DO NOT simply list your mods in the car description area. Use it to tell a bit about yourself and your car. Your mods should be created on the separate mod pages of your garage only.

Once you've done that you'll see that the "Create New Vehicle" link has changed to the "My Vehicle" link. Click on that and you can now add much more detailed information to your Garage listing.

"My Vehicle" Options

View Vehicle: This gives you a look at your car's garage.
Edit Vehicle Information: Edit your car's basic information here.
Add New Modification: You can add your mods here. Each one will have an individual page with information like price, installation cost etc. You can describe the benefits of the modification and even rate the usefulness of the mod. VIP members (subscribers) can optionally add a photo, too.
Manage Vehicle Gallery: VIP members (subscribers) can add photos to their garages. They can manage those photos here.
Delete Vehicle: Pretty self-explanatory.

More information on Modifications

This is really the key feature that makes this Garage system so good. By creating detailed mod pages other members can learn a lot about the mod.

When adding your mods, be sure to place them in the proper category from the drop down menu. Fill out all pertinent information giving as detailed a descripton as possible. Once created, you can access and edit your mods from your main "My Vehicle" page.

I really believe our club's garage is one of the best of it's kind anywhere. Let's do our best to create a highly detailed garage full of useful information. And remember, all members can create a garage, it's not limited to VIP's. - Mitch (elantragt)
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