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Posted by: equus Jan 15 2016, 07:18 PM

QUOTE (slowgls @ Jan 14 2016, 03:27 PM) *
Before you assume the worse, no i didn't blow it up. Ha, ha. Now on with my question. Is there some sort of over heating lock out feature? I know it sounds funny but here's what happen today. I was kinda stuck in snow today, when i was rocking the car back and forth, it wouldn't engage in reverse. Drive was fine , but no reverse. I shut the car off and restarted it 30sec later. All was fine and drove out. So what do you think may have happen?

Maybe you were like the old lady who mistook the D and R ? ROTFLM*O J/K D is for !!!!!! and R is for Rock me baby? hey, best I can do for humor...LOL.

Not an overheat lock out feature. When the two speed sensors (Pulse Generator A and Pulse Generator B) inside trans DONOT match speed of output shaft and input shaft, trans ECU will go to limp mode feature INTO which gear at time of failure showed speed motion close to 5% of model. Example could have been the opposite.....IF the forward gears motion showed the difference you would have ONLY had reverse and NO drive.
Trans ECU needed to see a MAIN POWER supply reset to revert back to model program, hence when you turned IGN to OFF, waited 30 secs and "stuff" worked is because the Main Relay Logic on CAN line from Engine ECU to Trans ECU stays ON. After 30 secs ALL systems in Engine ECU and Trans ECU totally powered down.
Did I complicate the answer? ROTFLM*O welllllll, what did you expect from an Engineer? straight simple answers?

Oops, my bad....another thing very imp....Check Trans fluid level. Many times when you rock the car back and forth rapidly, the fluid level in pan sloshes so fast that the valve body has a hard time picking oil up to the solenoids. That is a scenario that happens many times. I have had people complaining that their car when parked on an inclined drive way, the trans "bangs hard" when they first start the car when going to work. But magically it doesnt do it at work even though parked for over 6 hrs. Guess what, whoever said they checked oil level evidently didnt know how to check oil correctly in an Hyundai!.
No saying you dont know how, but please check oil level before you decide to "do a mercy killing" on your

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