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> Fix For A Seat Belt That Does Not Retract , DIY project
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DIY Fix For A Seat Belt That Does Not Retract

  • Seat belt does not retract.
  • Seat belt does not go up.
  • Seat belt is limp.
  • Seat belt is too loose.

Root Cause:
  • Seat belt is twisted which is preventing it from retracting.
  • Part of the seat belt safety system is broken.

This outline will only address the root cause of a twisted seat belt. If you believe part of the belt or safety system is broken please take your car to a professional.

Time Investment: 15 minutes

Step 1:
Straighten the part of the seat belt that is visible. There is no need to go further if can get the kink out now.

Step 2:
After you have straightened the visible part of the belt. It is time to gather the tools. The only tool you need is a flat head screwdriver.

Step 3:
Insert the screw driver between plastic panel and the weather stripping where the plastic panels change color.

Use the screwdriver to pry the bottom panel from the body. When you finish it will look like the picture below.

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 for the other side of the body panel.

Step 5:
Pull off the top of the panel. There are yellow tabs which hook on to the body panel. They come apart with a little force.

Close up of the yellow tab.

Close of the gray part the yellow tab snaps into.

Step 6:
Look at the part of the seat belt that is now exposed. You will most likely see a twist in the ribbon. Straighten that out and the issue is resolved.

Step 7:
Test and retest.

Step 8:
Once you are satisfied that the belt will continue to retract. It is time to put things back together. Push The body panel together until they snap together. Use the screwdriver get the weather stripping out between the plastic panels.

Congratulations! The issue is resolved and you did it. You also saved $75. I called two dealerships. The first one wanted $270 to replace the seat belt. The second dealership wanted $75 to do the steps above.

All the pictures link to the original picture which is substantially bigger.

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