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> Drain/fill Auto trans on the XD/XD2
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This describes the procedure to do a drain/fill on the automatic transmission on the 01-06 XD's. On this transmission, there is no filter to change since the screen is built into the case.'


6 quarts of SP-III ATF
Large drain pan
socket for the drain bolt (I think it is a 24mm); set is recommended.
Jack and 4 stands
OEM crush washer


1. Raise car on jack stands. Since the drain bolt is in front of the bottom of the trans, it is recommended to lift the entire car.
Hint: The transmission pan on this unit is on the side of the transmission right behind the radiator fan.
2. Right behind the trans pan on the bottom left corner (drivers side) is a large drain bolt. Remove that. Allow fluid to drain completely.
3. Replace bolt with new washer.
4. Lower car, fill the trans with 5 quarts of fluid. Check fluid with transmission in neutral. Add fluid as necessary to get the level to the cold line on the dipstick. Drive car for 20 minutes and recheck fluid level. Add fluid as necessary to get the fluid to the top hot line.

This procedure only changes 1/2 of the fluid.

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