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> The Ultimate (realistic) XD gen Elantra , A reference guide
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What follows are my thoughts on what are the the best mods that can be made to have the best handling and reasonably powered Elantra that is still emissions legal and technically still retains a large portion of the original warranty. This of course rules out headers, NOS, and a turbo kit since they all affect the vehicles powertrain and are really not worth the hassles or cost associated with them.

The first stage will be for someone who drives the car and wants everything that makes the car comfortable. The third stage will be for the person who wants the most from an Elantra performance wise and cost is not an issue. The third stage will also void warranties and disable safety items. The second stage is middle ground.

Stage 1
Eibach springs
19.2mm rear sway bar
205/50/16 summer performance tires
16x7 alloys 40-46mm offset
Stock exhaust
CAI into fender
Hawk or EBC front pads on stock rotors
Negative camber set to 0 degrees front and 1.2 degrees rear

Stage 2
Eibach or Tiburon Ultrasport struts
H&R springs
Eibach front and rear sway bars
RRM front strut bar
RRM rear strut bar (5dr)
Sonata 11" rotors
Tiburon calipers
Hawk front pads
Hawk rear pads
Negative camber set to 1 degree front and 1.2 degrees rear
Delete second cat
Catback exhaust
CAI to fender
Throttle body coolant bypass
Catch can for PCV (only over 32 degrees)
225/45/16 summer tires front
205/50/16 summer tires rear
16x7 to 16x8 front rims 40-42mm offset
16X7 rear rims 40-46mm offset

Stage 3
H&R coilovers
Tein adjustable damper control
Hood shims (for damper control clearance)
APE Traction Bars for the GK Tiburon
Polyurethane Motor Mounts
Colder Thermostat
Samco Silicone Radiator Hoses
Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber Hatch with Lexan glass replacement
Fiberglass fender replacements
Removed Sunroof and Fiberglass insert
Triangulated Front strut bar that Bolts to fire wall
RRM rear strut bar (5dr)
ARK Short Shifter
TWM weighted shift knob
Eibach front and rear sway bars
Negative camber 2.5 degrees front and 2 degrees rear
Airbox fed from foglight holes and short ram to throttle body
Seouful Racing Accelerator Pulley
Massaged throttle body
Extrudehoned intake manifold
Phenolic gasket matched to intake manifold and head
Head massaged by reputable shop
5 Angle Valve job
Lightweight Forged Pistons
Full Synthetic Royal Purple Engine oil
K and N Oil Filter (for older models that the oil pressure doesn't control other components)
Magnetic Drain Plug
Oil Sandwich plate
Oil Cooler
Trans Cooler (if you are stuck with an automatic)
Hotshot header
Custom exhaust
Apexi SAFC II or Re-tuned Stock ECU
Fidanza flywheel
Clutchmasters clutch
Quaife LSD (if anyone can still get one somehow) or Kaaz LSD
Shorter final drive ratio
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs
Magnecore Spark plug wires
HKS Circle Earth Ground Wires
Sun Auto Voltage Stabilizer
Lightweight Underdrive pulley
Accessory Lightweight pulleys
Adjustable Exhaust Cam Gear
Custom Ground Camshafts
Blueprinted / Balanced Crankshaft
Ported Oil ports in C Bearings
Throttle body coolant bypass
Catch can for PCV
Catch can and breather filter for breather valve
Optima Battery (or other sealed performance battery) relocated to the trunk
Fender flares like the car in Ilanpro's signature
235/40/17 summer tires
17x8 35-40mm offset forged alloy wheels 8-10lbs each
12 or 13" big brake kit with aluminum calipers and aluminum hats
Cryotreated and slotted rear rotors and Hawk pads
Goodrich Stainless Steel Brake lines
Tiburon Brake Booster (for non ABS XD's)
Remove all A/C equipement
Remove all interior panels and carpets
Remove rear seats and rear seatbelts
Light Weight flat bottom Steering Wheel
Remove front seats and replace with lightweight race seats
Remove all non essential items like cruise control, glovebox, spare tire, etc.

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