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> KDM Aluminum Pedal Set Install , for the MD/UD
Options V
DIY Project by ElantraGuy19

What You'll Need:

- A slim ratcheting socket driver with extension
- 10 and 12 mm sockets
- A small flathead screwdriver
- Decent dexterity and flexibility
- A magnetic or small flashlight that you can use without handling it. I used a small LED headlight.

The pedals will come with a protective film over the aluminum which I recommend leaving on until the installation is complete. This will help prevent fingerprints and accidental scratches from tools.

Dead Pedal Installation - 2 to 3 minutes

Remove the original dead pedal by popping the top part free first and then sliding it up slightly and out of the bracket. Installation is, as they say, the reverse of removal. Simply slide the bottom in first and after giving it a tap down, give the the top a healthy smack until the tab snaps into place.

Brake Pedal Installation - 1 to 4 minutes

The original brake pedal cover is removed by simply pulling back the rubber from the backside of the metal pedal. It should come free with relative ease.

With the new aluminum pedal cover, slide the lower snaps on first and work it until the upper snaps clip on as well. It may take a little finessing but eventually, you should get it.

Accelerator Pedal Installation - 20 to 30 minutes

This is the big one. There is very minimal space in which to work and you have to remove several nuts in nearly inaccessible places and then reinstall. Take it slowly and work through it.

1. Remove the driver's floor mat and slide the seat all the way back for best access.
2. Locate the screw cover at the base of the gas pedal and pop it free with your flat-head screw driver. Put it aside because the new one won't come with one.
3. With the 10 mm socket, remove the bolt holding the gas pedal to the floor.
4. Follow the accelerator pedal up to the top of the linkage and you'll find two nuts holding the assembly to the firewall. Both are 12 mm and you'll need an extension to remove both. My advice is use the ratchet to loosen them and then remove them by's just easier that way.
5. With both nuts and the bolt removed, locate the plug for the electronic throttle and you'll see a red locking mechanism on the side of said plug. On the ridged side, you'll see a small slot on the underside (pedal end, not wires). Slide your small flat-blade screw driver into the slot and pop the locking mechanism to the side then the wiring harness will slide off.
6. Take the new aluminum pedal and secure the wiring harness first, locking it in place with the red locking mechanism. Then, secure the two top nuts followed by the floor bolt last.
7. Don't forget to reinstall the bolt cap onto the base.

Once you're all done, peel off the protective plastic film and enjoy your new pedals!!

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