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Posted by: bhorste May 15 2017, 08:57 PM

So the closest I came to selling the Black Beast was a scammer on craigslist. It's still in the garage taking up space but I've started thinking: the car is paid for, and I've wanted to go road racing forever.

Enter the Improved Touring category, an email to SCCA, and the thinking that perhaps I could build it into a race car. As of right now, the XD isn't classified, but I'm figuring it will fall into ITB. I don't think we can hang with the Neons in ITA.

Improved Touring gives me a lot of leeway as to things to make the car handle better. I can install coilovers and put bigger bars on front and rear. I can run 225s, if I'm reading the rules right.

Hoping I can make this happen.

Posted by: elantragt May 15 2017, 09:57 PM

I hope you can make this happen, Ben. That would be awesome.

Posted by: bhorste May 15 2017, 10:00 PM

QUOTE (elantragt @ May 15 2017, 10:57 PM) *
I hope you can make this happen, Ben. That would be awesome.

Thanks. And, of course, the Club would be featured on it somewhere prominent.

Posted by: bhorste May 16 2017, 12:50 PM

Heard back from a representative of the Club Racing Board. He thinks it could be an ITA, ITS or ITR car. I have to fill out a Vehicle Technical Specifications sheet (which is CRAZY thorough) and send it back. After that, I know which way to go.

Posted by: elantragt May 16 2017, 01:43 PM

No matter what, it should be a blast, right?

Posted by: bhorste May 16 2017, 02:18 PM

QUOTE (elantragt @ May 16 2017, 02:43 PM) *
No matter what, it should be a blast, right?

If I can find all the info I need to fill out this sheet... anybody have part numbers for the block/head/crankshaft/camshafts? Valve material? It's 6 pages (well, 5 plus the cover sheet) of pure technical hell right now.

If I can build it, it will be a blast for sure.

Posted by: bhorste May 17 2017, 09:52 PM

Got a line on a shop manual. Hope that lead pans out.

Posted by: bhorste May 18 2017, 08:57 PM

Dude that V6-swapped (Delta, I believe) his XD and works at a dealership just happens to have the shop manual and the wiring manual. Working out shipping details, but BANG. Now I hope I can complete the VTS sheet and get it submitted.

I should probably mention, my goal is not to have the car rebuilt by the end of the year or even next year. If I can have a trackworthy car by 2019, I'll be ecstatic.

Posted by: bhorste May 26 2017, 02:40 PM

Shop manual is on its way. Next step: finishing the VTS and submitting it to SCCA.

Posted by: elantragt May 27 2017, 07:14 AM

Good on ya, Ben!

Posted by: bhorste May 30 2017, 08:50 PM

Look what showed up today:

Posted by: bhorste Jun 3 2017, 10:21 PM

Okay, if we're going to make this crazy pipe-dream a reality, I'm going to need a little assistance in the form of information. Things like:

# of units produced in 2003
Rev limit method (pretty sure it reds out at 6500 and it's fuel cutoff, but would like verification)
Minimum block deck height and clearance
Combustion chamber and head chamber volume
Port volume on both intake and exhaust
Crossflow head?
Port dimensions at manifold faces
Valve head diameters and materials
Piston type and mass (I think they're dished with a relief cut into the exhaust side, but could be talking out my ass)
Con rod length, material and mass
Total piston, ring, wrist pin and con rod mass
Crankshaft mass
Camshaft base circles, durations and centerlines for both intake and exhaust
Valve lift on both sides
Flywheel mass
Stock Cg
Official designation for the rear suspension (independent multi-link?)
Spring widths/diameters/rates/free lengths front and rear
Damper dimensions front and rear, to include:

All these dimensions, front and rear

And more... stay tuned and feel free to chime in if you know any of this info. The sooner I can get this form completed, the sooner the project progresses!

Posted by: elantragt Jun 4 2017, 02:45 PM

That's a crazy amount of info needed Ben. When they say number of units produced, they're talking worldwide?

Posted by: bhorste Jun 4 2017, 03:28 PM

QUOTE (elantragt @ Jun 4 2017, 03:45 PM) *
That's a crazy amount of info needed Ben. When they say number of units produced, they're talking worldwide?

My guess is just for the U.S. I think they have a minimum production number for homologation.

They really want to know exactly how it stacks up against other cars in its class.

Posted by: elantragt Jun 4 2017, 04:36 PM

As far as your list I can only verify the independent multilink rear and fuel cut off rev limiter. Getting all that tech info will be a daunting task.

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