Changing the automatic trans fluid and filter on the HD and FD

The HD/FD use the same transmission and use a internal filter that you can change. It is available at the dealer for around $25.00. This will not exchange all of the fluid, but allows the filter to be changed, which can clog up.


OEM replacement filter
4 quarts of SP-III ATF
ATF RTV (special RTV designed for use on transmission pans
Socket set
Jack and 4 stands
Brake clean
Wire brush (drill is preferred)


1. Raise car on jack stands. It is better to raise the whole car to keep it level.
2. Remove plastic cover under the transmission.
3. On the trans pan is a drain bolt. Remove that to drain the fluid.
4. After the fluid has drained, remove the pan.
5. Above the pan is the valve body and trans filter. Remove the filter by removing the retaining screws/bolts.
6. Clean the pan with brake clean and wire brush to remove old RTV sealant.
7. Clean valve body with lint free cloth.
8. Install new filter in the reverse order as you removed the old one.
9. Put RTV onto the pan lip. Follow the directions on the RTV package. Some tell you to wait 5-10 minutes to let it set up before installing the pan. Tighten bolts to 7-12 ft lbs.
10. Pour 3 quarts of fluid in, start the engine and check the fluid level. Add as necessary to get the level up to the cold line. Check for leaks.
11. Drive the car to warm up the fluid. Recheck the level. It may be necessary to repeat the step more than once to bleed the system of air.
12. Next day, recheck the level to see if the level is at the hot line when it is warmed up. These transmissions tend to need some time to bleed the system. Driving it is needed to do that.

This will not change all the fluid. It will change about 1/2 of the fluid.

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