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Posted by: fsv87 Mar 25 2010, 09:37 PM

Hey guys,

I just installed a cold air intake, and wanted to let you know my thoughts and opinions. I will keep it updated with my latest reviews as I own it longer and longer.

I purchased a 2 piece 94-97 Accord CAI off of E-Bay for $38 (this includes shipping costs).

I do not recommend installation for a total amateur, but anyone above that level should be able to pull this off. Removed the old air intake system. I didn't jack the car up, I just turned the steering wheel all the way to the left, and I was able to reach in all that I needed to, although I'm sure it would have made installation a little easier. I left the battery in the whole time, just moved it around a bit. I only had to make some minor/easy modifications to get the new tubes to fit into the original air intake hole in the fender. No biggie. I unplugged the ECU fuse when I began so when I plugged it back in it could relearn the new system (I didn't feel like disconnecting the battery and having to reset my clock because sometimes it acts screwy, and I didn't want to lose my radio stations).

I took it out for a drive, and thought I was missing something because I was as quiet as the stock....this is until I got onto a main drag and gave it some gas. It sounded great. Not overbearing at all. I was fearful that it would be too loud for my liking (like one of those fart-can Civics). I didn't want something that would turn heads when I drove by. Just a nice little purr, and that's what I got. Once I hit about 2500 rpms there is a purr, and you get a real growl when pulling onto a highway. Cruising speeds on the highway were as quiet as stock. 

I drove it for about 30 miles after it was installed. Half highway and half city.

I can definitely feel a nice gain in power. I will keep you updated on the gas mileage. 

I'll keep you guys posted. Any questions please feel free to ask. 

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