2007-2009 HD Dash / Radio Removal

Step by Step with pictures removal instructions for fascia

These instructions are based on my own experience with a Canadian 2007 Elantra but I believe they are useful for any HD type Elantra.

I wanted to change out my factory 2007 Hyundai deck for a 2008 deck because it included an Aux-in interface for an iPod. These instructions should show how to remove the fascia and stereo with minimal effort. Total removal time approximately 5-10 minutes (with removal tool). No screwdrivers needed to remove the fascia.

Dash Removal Tool

I first read the removal instructions for the crashpad on HMAService.com and noticed they reference a specific tool (SST 09840-1E100) that assists in removing the dash. I found some pictures of the tool and itís essentially a piece of hooked metal used to pull the fascia from behind. I wasnít about to buy one so I set about making one on the cheap, the tool isnít strictly needed but I made it for 33 cents and 5 minutes of time and it did make the job easier, so I recommend it.

What I did was buy 3 butter knives from my local dollar store (they were 3/$1.00), I ended up using 2 of them to pry with and as wedges and the third to make the dash removal tool. Try to find the thinest knives you can (if you shop anywhere they sell utensils 3/$1.00 you are almost certain to get the thinnest ones available).

To make the tool I took the butter knife and placed it on a hot stove element warming the tip until it discolored and began to glow.....ahh ďhighĒ school memories. Then I took a pair of needle nose pliers and quickly put a little hook in the tip making the hook as small as I could (generally the smaller the better), if the hook has just enough room to catch something like a paperclip you are perfect. You need this tool to be very slender because itís going to go in between a little gap you open up between the dashboard and the fascia then hook the fascia so you can give it a good tug.

Be careful not to break the small clips that secure the facia to the dash. They can break easy.

Warming the knife tip on the stove (about 3-4 minutes on high)

Profile of the finished hook. My knife came with burrs on it so I filed them smooth before use.

Step 1 - Safety First, wrap knives with tape

Removing the fascia is really easy you donít need screwdrivers at all, just the two butter knives and the hooked removal tool.

I highly recommend covering each butter knife is a strip of black electrical tape. The stuff is cheap ($1.00 at the store where I bought my knives) and protects your dash from scratches plus makes the knives easier to slide in.

Wrap tip with electrical tape. Just one layer to keep it thin.

Step 2 - Use knife to release clip on right side

Take one of the knives and slip it between the fascia and dash on the right side just about the handle on the vent. Just above the vent directional handle is a plastic clip and with your knife you can pry slightly and release it.

Step 3 - Pry on bottom right corner to open a gap

Take a 2nd knife and slip it between the top of the heater controls and the bottom right of the fascia. With the two knives in place simultaneously pry with both to release the right clip and open a gap along the bottom right. Very little prying is needed to release the clip but more is needed on the bottom to spread it.

Correct placement of knife to release the clip beside vent. Pry gently but firmly on bottom right to open a small gap.

Step 4 - Use hook tool to pull fascia free

While holding the bottom knife to keep the gap open slip in the hooked tool so the hook points towards radio. Hook the plastic lip and pull firmly outward (no prying just straight pulls). Youíll feel the clips releasing as you go. Proceed clockwise all the way around the fascia.

Use hooked tool to pull straight out all the way around the fascia clockwise starting from the gap you opened earlier.

Step 5 - Disconnect clock and hazard switch

With the fascia pulled out simply reach around and release the clock and hazard light connectors. On my Canadian Elantra the clock connector has no locking clip but the hazard does. US models may differ as the clock has a passenger airbag light beside the clock. With the connectors undone set the fascia aside to reveal the radio.

Step 6 - Remove the radio

Everything is very simple from this point forward. Unscrew the four screws that hold the radio and itís frame in place. Disconnecting the radio is a pain as the wire harness is very short and pressing the clip to unlock the connector from the radio required small hands and strong fingers.

Four screws (2 top, 2 bottom) hold radio assembly in place

Step 7 - Reassembly

Reverse the procedure to reassemble the dash. The fascia will push back in place with a positive click as the clips lock.


Iíve included a few pics of the inside of the fascia as it can be handy to know whatís in there and to try and give a sense of how much room there is for additional wires/etc.

Connector close up 1, US and Canada are same I believe

Connector close up 2

You can see how short the wiring harness is for the radio. That vertical support with a hole in it is plastic

If you are putting in an aftermarket deck and need a wiring connector:
The Canadian 2009 Elantra Metra harness for this is 70-7303. For the Canadian 2007 Elantra the code is Metra 70-1004 (71-1004 is the inverse connector) [PDF]

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