HD Elantra Front Brake DIY

by Vinnie

HD Brake DIY

Step 1 -

Jack, lift and support the vehicle with the parking brake on.

Step 2 -

Remove the lugnuts and wheel

Step 3 -

This is what it should look like now.

Step 4 -

Use a 14MM wrench or socket to remove the top caliper bolt, you may need a breaker bar.

Step 5 -

Remove the lower caliper 14MM bolt

Step 6 -

Remove the now freed caliper, and secure it to the spring with a wire or bungee cord. I use 16 gauge wire, it's simple and easy.

Step 7 -

Remove the outer brake pad

Step 8 -

Remove the inner brake pad

Step 9 -

Remove the top caliper 17mm stay bracket bolt

Step 10 -

This is the top bolt

Step 11 -

Remove the lower 17MM caliper stay bracket bolt

Step 12 -

These are the pieces you should end up with

Step 13 -

There are 2x large phillips screws holding the rotor to the hub. Remove them.

Step 14 -

If they wont budge, use a impact screwdriver and a good 5LB sledge hammer to free them. They'll either snap or losen - no big deal either way. They are only there to hold the rotor to the hub during manufacturing. While they do help with re-assembly, they are not needed. You may need to drill them out as well if they strip.

Step 15 -

Remove the rotor from the hub.

Step 16 -

This is what you're left with

Step 17 -

Install the new rotor onto the hub

Step 18 -

If you were able to remove those phillips screws with no issues, might as well put them back for easy work

Step 19 -

Replace the caliper stay braket with the 17MM bolts and install your new pads with the aluminum clip on the pad on the inside

Step 20 -

Use your brake service kit, or C-Clamp and old pad to reset the caliper. You can also rent a service kit if you'd like from your brick and mortar auto store.

Step 21 -

Reinstall caliper with the 14MM bolts

Step 22 -

Tighten everything up and re-install your wheels and tighten up those lugnuts to spec

Step 23 -

Clean those dirty ass wheels!!

Step 24 -

Lower and torque down those wheels.

This is same for the right side. Not a bad job, less than 2 hours being slow. I hope this helps the HD owners who'd like info on doing their front brakes.

A few additional tips from slowgls:

1. When every thing is off, try to grind or sand all the rust away from moving parts, like the pad bracket, and on the hub where the rotor meets.

2. Make sure to lube the slide pins.

3. Inspect hoses, and lines.

4.Grease the lug studs.

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