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> HD Elantra Radar detector wiring instructions , May work on other models
Options V
Sick of plugging and unplugging your radar detector every time you start your car? Hate wiping off those suction cup marks on your windshield?

Here is a nifty DIY I was able to port over from my old Ford Focus. I would imagine this would work for other models of Elantra as well. This wires the unit directly into your power outlet circuit, and since Elantra's power outlet does not stay on after the ignition is off, your detector will automatically shut off as well. This mod is also completely reversible.

This also comes in handy to remove the ugly windshield mount and wires from your dash. Using velcro to mount the detector makes it easy to remove and hide in case of a pullover by the 5-0's. Even if you don't, having it set near the pillar reduces the chances of an officer seeing it, and better your chances for a warning.

Having it mounted on the left side of the windshield, to my experience, does not weaken the field of detection at all. I have had mine rigged up like this for 3+ years and has been pretty accurate.

Tools needed:
  • Radar Detector (I used a Cobra, for the ultimate in radar detecting technology)
  • Needle-nose pliers or fuse remover
  • Wire stripper
  • Velcro or adhesive

  • Spare 12v Power outlet
  • Inline fuse
  • Electrical tape

1. Pull off the fuse box panel and locate the Power Outlet fuse.

2. Pull it out using some pliers or a fuse puller.

3. Here is where the extra power outlet and/or fuse would come into play, if you don't want to cut/strip the wires on the power cord for your radar detector. You can buy them at Radioshack for less than $10. If so, take the outlet and strip the wire ends for the positive and negative wires and if you want to be safer, tie in the inline fuse. Tape your connections and wrap the end of the positive wire around one of the pins on the fuse you pulled out of the fuse panel, like shown above.

Alternately, or if you like to live on the edge, I just cut the power cord at an appropriate length and stripped the ends. I wrapped the positive wire around one of the pins in the fuse, shown above.

4. Plug the fuse back into it's spot in the fuse panel.

5. Loosen up the bolt to the right just enough to slip a wire underneath it. Slip the stripped negative wire either from the electrical outlet or power cord under the head and tighten enough to secure. This grounds it to the frame. I guess you could even tape it to the metal right above it if you can't get to the bolt.

6. Now just velcro the detector to the dash above and run the wire along the pillar. Once to the door seal I tucked it between the seal and plastic to secure and hide it. I put the fuse panel cover back on and ran the wire through the thumb hole on top.

If you installed the power outlet, just plug the detector into the outlet and tuck it somewhere near the fuses and run the wire same as above!

7. Shut your door, turn your key and voila! No more fumbling with wires and window mounts!

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