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> 2007-2009 HD How to remove the lower storage bin assembly , Removal of storage bin, ash tray and seat heater controls
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These instructions are based on a Canadian 2007 Elantra but I believe they are useful for any HD type Elantra.

The instructions should show you how to remove the storage bin shown below from your Elantra, it's one of those things that should be simple but if you don't know the trick it's a pain in the butt. I put this wiki together as I added an ash tray to my Canadian 2007 Elantra, for some reason the Canadian models don't get one standard but the US models do.

These instructions should be helpful for anyone looking to:
  • Remove and/or install seat heater controls
  • Replace or remove the lower storage bin
  • Replace or remove the ash tray
  • Replace the light in their ash tray


Tools Needed
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver (to pry with)
  • Loop of wire or string (for Canadian model)

I recommend putting the parking brake on and moving your car into 2nd gear (manual) or 1st (automatic). This moves the shifter back from the assembly and gives you more room to work with. For an automatic you'll have to do this with the car running, then shut if off with the car in 1st. Please make sure your parking brake is secure.

Step 1 - Remove Screws

Open the storage bin door and remove the two Phillips screws at the back. These are the only two screws holding the entire assembly in place, not to worry thereís still some challenge in removing it.

Step 2 - Pry loose the covers/switches for the seat heater

If you try to just pull the assembly out youíll notice right away itís in there pretty firm. Believe me I tried a number of ways to remove it and only came across one that worked. Perhaps my car was unique but it was very difficult to pop this assembly out.

First, do NOT pull or pry on the storage bin door. You are just asking for damage; the force needed to remove the assembly exceeds the strength of the door hinge. If you are going to pull, use the ash tray itself; it's much stronger.

Iíll assume you have a seater heater like I do. Pry on the inside edge of the plastic that surrounds each seat heater button. This is the edge between the plastic around the switch and the ash tray, it should pop the surrounding plastic out a bit.

Switch already popped out slightly, you only need a fraction of an inch.

Looking at the photo, the red lines show where Iíve already pried this switch out a bit, this is all you need to accomplish. The ashtray is removed so you can see the gap (which is about 1/4 inch between the red lines). Itís harder to do with the ash tray in place. You need to do this for both switches.

What this is doing is causing a clip on the other side of the switch to move slightly and release. These clips otherwise keep the assembly very firmly in place.

If you have a model without seat heaters the blanks are even easier to pry out than the seat heater switches.

Step 3 - Pull on ash tray

With the screws remove and both switches pried out slightly, if you have a model with an ashtray in place then pull on it firmly (itís pretty tough looking) and the assembly should pop out. If you have a Canadian model without ash tray, remove the plastic blank (just grab underneath with your hand and it pops off). Below the area where the blank inserts youíll see two holes in the plastic these are part of the assembly, I slipped a bit of wire through the hole, formed a loop and pulled on the loop. The assembly should come free, slide it straight out.

Step 4 - Disconnect Seat Heater Controls

Now that the assembly is out you might think you are done, not so. You need to remove the connectors from the ash tray and seat heater controls. The ash tray is a simple connector, the seat heaters are a little more challenging. Youíll find the the drivers side has an easy to reach tab; just press and release the connector. For the passenger side itís the same connector but the tab is on the inside against the assembly and almost unreachable.

What I recommend is undo the driver side first, then work the assembly around until itís in the position in the photo.

Work the assembly into this position to allow easy access to the connector release tab

With the assembly in place take your flat bladed screwdriver and slip it behind the tab to release it. See below for a close up of the connector. If you notice in the photo the assembly slides in on two guide rails which is why when you remove it you need to pull straight out.

Use a flat bladed screwdriver to press the tab and release the connector

You should now have the assembly completely removed and free.
Good luck!

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