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> Car of the Month --- should we bring it back?
post Apr 7 2015, 10:32 PM
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I always enjoyed having the EC Car of the Month contests. The only reason I stopped doing them was, well... lack of interest by members.

Do you think we should try to bring back EC C.O.T.M. ?

Your thoughts.


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post Apr 8 2015, 06:11 AM
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As long as there is interest then yeah . I knkw I'm interested . Have a poll maybe ?


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post Apr 8 2015, 07:08 AM
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That Mitsubishi Guy
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i'd enter.


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post Apr 8 2015, 09:59 AM
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That Guy..
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Lets do it!!!


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post Apr 8 2015, 11:38 AM
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I'm game.


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post Apr 8 2015, 11:47 AM
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Outta the way!
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If the concern is that there won't be enough interest on a monthly basis, should we make it like a quarterly thing? A seasonal thing?



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1 members thank roydjt for this post
Frank T
post Apr 8 2015, 11:59 AM
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I'd like to see a member car featured. I agree with Roy. Monthly...quarterly...whatever makes sense.

If the number of available cars is limited, you could feature a member car (randomly) each month.


- Frank (Lifetime member)
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post Apr 8 2015, 01:46 PM
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It would be cool. We could also maybe try doing it every few months to see interest.


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slows gurl
post Apr 8 2015, 05:46 PM
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I like the idea of doing it quarterly or even maybe bi-monthly. I think possibly the reason not many people entered is because honestly it can be time consuming. Maybe people didn't have enough time to sit down and write up all the info about their car and find some good pictures. Also, by not doing it as often the winner gets bragging rights for a longer period of time tongue.gif
If I'm not mistaken, we did at some point have a featured member of the month or something along those lines. That was a pretty cool thing we had also.
I know I may not be super active on here, most of the time if it is car related I have no idea what you guys are talking about. So when it is something I know about I'll chime in smile.gif


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post Apr 12 2015, 08:27 PM
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aka J-Dubb
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I love the idea of bringing it back but would like to see it merged with the member of the month. Something where we have pictures of the cars, but also a kind of mini interview. Maybe something along the lines of the link below.


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post Apr 13 2015, 04:47 AM
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o hai
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I like the every 2 or 3 months idea. "Car of the Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring" has a nice sound to it.


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