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> Vehicle: 2012 Elantra Limited
post Mar 7 2012, 03:05 PM
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I brought in January a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited with the Technology Package in the Allure Red with Black Interior. The dealership called this car the hardest car to get because the Red Allures are made in the Korea plant not in Alabama. It also has an all black interior and has all the options available. I always name my cars. I named my 2012 Alexander.

Here are the mods that I want to get done within the next year but this requires working all the time while I'm in Pharmacy School. sad.gif
This list is not all exclusive and in no particular order. As I complete mods I will post a picture and bold the mod on the mod list.

1) Trunk Spoiler The MD's do not come with spoilers from the dealerships at all. sad.gif So added one.

2) 8000k Low Beam HIDs (I'm currently having issues with the install)

3) 3000k Yellow Fog Lights

4) Drag 31 Flat Black with Red Lip Rims with Pirelli's Nero or Bridgestone Pole Positions (Not sure which tires to get. I had the Pirelli's before and I loved them)

5) Lowering Springs http://www.shopbtr.com/servlet/the-250/H%2...-Elantra/Detail

6) Window Tint (5% on the rear window, 15% on the backseat windows, 20% on the front windows)

7) Rear Diffuser

8) Rear Glass Spoiler

9) Flat Black Top and Bottom Grills

10) Carbon Fiber Vinyl Roof




9 miles



I was asked on another forum to make a pros and cons list. So here it is for your viewing pleasure.
-Adjustable levels on the front heated seats. I only had 1 level in my 08.

-Rear heated seats. All my friends love them. However there is one down fall. The only switch for the rear heated seats are in the back. So if you don't tell whoever was just sitting there to turn them off then they get out, they will turn on at the next start up and not turn off. The front ones you can't leave on. I think the difference there is the switch. The switch in the back is a switch that stays on if the switch is in the down position. The front heated seats are just buttons like a stereo button, as soon as you press it, it comes back to its original position. There is no lock for the heated seats in the back either. If I was a parent, I wouldn't want my kids pushing the button all the time and having it turn on. I would want something like a window lock on them.

-Bluetooth!! Love it! I do not need any cords in the vehicle at all, which is so nice.

-The wiper blades. Yes I know this is a weird observation but here it goes. The drivers side wiper blade is a size 28!! Its huge. So it cleans almost the whole windshield in one swipe. The passenger wiper is a size 13 but apparently a 14 fits as well. Since the drivers side wiper blade is so huge, it puts the wiper blade over lap line over more towards the passenger. This equals better visibility for the driver.

-Automatic headlights = amazing!!

-Keyless ignition/entry. My keys never have to leave my purse.

-One touch power windows both way, not just down.

-The Auto-Dimming Mirror w/Homelink

-The control panel is very nice and easy to use. It is all very close together which is nice.

-The lower center heating vents. I didn't think I would like them but they are closer to hands when they are on the steering wheel. Quite nice when you are touching a freezing, leather wrapped steering wheel.

-Gas mileage is no where near 40 MPG!! I drove 400 miles and got a max of 35 MPG. I drove 65-70 mph the whole way because it was within the 1000 mile break in period plus I wanted to see that big 40 but it didn't happen. I'm currently getting 24 MPG and I'm at half a tank at only 150 miles. It has been a pretty mild winter up here in Vermont. I say this because I know cold weather is a factor on gas mileage however but it shouldn't be this bad. I also don't understand why it's getting the same gas mileage as my 08 was all around with a smaller engine.

-Smaller gas tank. 2012 = 12 gallon tank. 2008 = 14.1 gallon tank. I guess they made it smaller to help get better fuel economy.

-The sound system is crap! It suppose to be the upgraded 360 watt system with the external amplifier. I swear it sounds the same as, if not worse than my 08 and my 08s sound system was stock (172 watt).

-The Speed sensitive volume control is always turned on but yet to this day, I have yet to hear a volume increase during acceleration.

-The front seats are much more comfortable in my 08 then in the 2012 on long drives.

-Worse stock tires ever! They are Grand Touring Hancook H426. http://www.tirerack....del=Optimo+H426 Check out the comments there. All reviews are MD drivers say how horrible they are. The car doesn't seem to stop as quick but I'm going to contribute that to the crappy tires until I get new ones. Then I will revisit this subject.

-Hyundai no longer sells spare tires with the Elantra. They do this to help get better gas mileage.

-It also shifts weird. Let's see if I can explain it. I have the shiftronic option but the majority of the time I leave the car in auto. However let's say I just started accelerating. Nothing extreme. Until I hit 40 mph because that's the speed limit. The car will sit in 5 gear and run 1,800 rpms instead of shifting into 6th gear. To get the car to run lower rpms at 40 mph, I have to switch it to manual and push the gas in a tad more and shift it manually. After that at 40 mph in 6th gear it runs at 1300 rpm where it belongs. Also when I brake I can feel it downshifting. In my 08, you couldn't feel a thing.

I know this con list looks big, but I do love the car all around. Most of the time in life we pay more attention to the negatives then the positives.

So I have been brainstorming some ideas about Alexander. You all know I love the whole Red and Black thing.

Here's what I love about this MD (the last red MD):
1) The dark window tint
2) I believe that's a carbon fiber roof
3) The Rims (I will be putting my Drags back on)

4) Blacked out bottom grill

Here's what I don't like:
1) The top grill with the trim on around it painted to match the car is ugly. I wouldn't get that painted. I would leave it flat black.
2) Chrome handles

Once I get the black bottom grill, I will add these.

These headlights are sick. Strike that, this grey MD is sick!

Ideas? Dislikes? Agreements?

I forgot to add that I'm currently looking to see if the new 2013 Elantra Coupes 22.0-mm diameter front stabilizer bar will fit the Sedans.

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