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Posted by: elantragt Jul 10 2014, 02:29 PM

Technically, I did buy my 5 Speed Chianti Red Elantra GT in July of 2002 which was 12 years ago. But... I didn't actually start ElantraClub (then called "The Hyundai Elantra GT Club") until that October. October 2012 is our actual 12th anniversary.

Still this is an awesome topic Branton and I'll tell you why I started EC.

At the time I bought my GT, I sort of took a leap of faith with Hyundai. I had been one of those anti-Hyundai "snobs" but the GT was just too much car to pass up (for the money). And then there was the warranty.

Fast forward a few months to October 2002 and I realized that the GT and Hyundai were legit. I decided to get the word out to the non-believers and get them to understand Hyundai's "Driving is Believing" slogan was truth. I guess I became a sort of Hyundai evangelist. tongue.gif

And trust me, I worked my ass off gathering every bit of information I could for the new club. Every review I could find got posted. Every pic too. I added every customizing idea I could think of that people might be interested in. Then I started a forum for the club. Then the DIY Zone...

All of that on freakin' 28.8 AOL dialup. That's dedication.

A lot has happened since then but two things have remained constant. I want EC to succeed and I want EC to be the best.

- Mitch

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