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> Post your detailing regimen here, what's your detailing routine?
post Mar 15 2006, 01:14 PM
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I ran out of ideas...
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For some reason, I thought I posted my routine here! laugh.gif

Here goes!

-vacuum everything, floors, seats, dash, anywhere dust may collect!
-carpet wash if required
-clean all windows
-clean dash and add protectant
-clean leather seats and add protectant
-clean all panels, console, doors, sills, hatch etc and add protectant

-rinse car
-start with the wheels, spray them with cleaner, wait 5 minutes then scrub and rinse
-wash car starting from top end at bottom using Mr Clean Auto Dry and 2 Lamb wool mitts (one for top of car and one for bottom rocker panels)
-dry using waffle MF or let it sit to dry.
-add tire shine and wheel sealant
-clay if required. Start from top, end at rocker panels
-Application of AIO using PC with polishing pad, removal by hand right away
-Application of EX Sealant using PC with finishing pad, let it sit for an hour, then remove by hand. OR application of P21S by hand, immidiate removal with MF towel
-trim detailing, remove wax residue if any using a brush or MF towel
-polish my SS exhaust

Tips & Tricks

-When I use Mr Clean AD, I have the mitt in one hand, the gun in the other. I rinse the car and mitt frequenlty, no buckets! (the mitt is rinsed often so it doesn't collect debris for scratching the paint)
-I carry a few MF towels looped in my belt or hanging from my pockets, always close by when I need them!
-as I'm waxing, I slide my detail box/kit and use it as a table to set my polisher and other things, that way I don't have to spend half my time walking and looking for my things!
-I apply AIO and EX with the PC, this must of cut my time in half.
-AIO, on and off right away. That's why I carry the box around, apply the product on a small section, then set the PC on the box, take an MF towel and remove it!
-P21S/S100 will cut your waxing time inhalf! No need to let it set, add the product then remove right away, small sections at a time! The easiest and fastest product to use!
-***detail in the shade and on a cool surface
-***add very thin layer of any product... if not, it makes it very hard to remove and you end up wasting some product.


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post Mar 15 2006, 09:45 PM
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biggrin.gif here we go. this is whats planned to get rid of all the winter. i do this for a living so it is very easy and normally doesnt take any longer than 4-5 hours depending if i have to wheel out any "shhh, scratches". i do all this at work.

under hood:
degrease and power wash engine bay (i know the rules already), power wash the condensor and radiator (go with the fins, not against them). wipe down under the hood and hood jams and engine. then dress with 3m engine dressing (non-flammable). polish the intake tube. start car and let run for about 10-15 minutes. close hood. turn off and disconnect battery (both).
jack up car. remove steel rims, and toss in corner. with the car still on jack stands, give the car a really quick wet down. then spray degreaser in all door jams, in trunk jam, and all over the exterior of the car. then spray the heck out of the wheel wells with degreaser. let soak in for about 15 minutes. power wash entire car, under car and wheel wells. wash car with really soapy water (i like my suds). rinse off all the soap. now i clay the car. but i rewash the car with the soapy water and use the clay bar. then rinse off the car. now rewash the car. then rinse finally. then i dry the car w/synthetic chamois. dry all door and trunk jams. put 18's on and lower car. now its time for some wheeling (if nessisary), if not then i hand polish with Black Pearl #4 polish, then follow that up with 2-3 coats of Black Pearl #5 sealant. deep, mirror results. then i use a glass polish to remove all contaminents in the glass. then dress all the trim.
remove seats and floor mats. power wash floor mats and vacuum dry. use a leather cleaner on the removed seats, then dress with a leather conditioner and dressing. clean inside windows. try and remove some of the audio equipment.vacuum inside car. the remove all stains with degreaser or oxy clean. then wet floor with degreaser and use a scrub brush and scrub the carpet. vacuum dry. clean rear seats with leather cleaner then condition and dress the seats. clean all doors and inside hatch lid and the rest of the interior. polish all the painted interior pieces by hand with Black pearl #5 sealant. buff to a shiny finish. dress all the interior w/vinyl dressing. replace front seats.

i think that will about do it. this might take me about 6hrs, but i dont always remove seats and scrub carpets (only 1x a year).

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post Apr 11 2006, 10:04 PM
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Lately for me:

-Spray degreaser on tires/wheels.
-Power wash degreaser off and go over whole car.
-Soap down the whole car.
-Power wash soap off of car. All suds gone.
-Chamois from top to bottom.
-Again from top to bottom, microfiber towel to dry further (not windows though).
-Dry door jams and trunk jam with terry cloth, and use a separate terry cloth to dry the wheels.

^^The above is usually done at work where I have use of all of the above items for free. For a dead-on detailing, here's what I did today:

-Use a wet terry cloth to apply Turtle Wax to all painted parts of the car, and including the wheels.
-Once all wax has dried to a nice flat-green color, use a separate terry cloth to buff it off. It's a bitch to do when it's dried on well, but it's worth it.
-Once buffing is done, go over all painted areas with Mother's Spray Wax. A third terry cloth towel comes into play here for proper application of the quick detailer.
-As soon as all areas of the car have been hit with the spray wax, all areas are buffed, using a fourth terry cloth towel.
-The terry cloth towels sometimes leave cotton fibers on the car, so I like to, from top to bottom, go over all the painted areas with a clean microfiber towel.
-Upon completion, shine the crap out of the tires and clean the windows.

This is the routine I like to do. It leaves the car looking show-room new for a while!


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