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> Hella Supertone Horn Diy , 300mhz and 500mhz 66 Watt
Options V
Difficulty Level: Easy
Estimated install time: 1 Hour total

This DIY is different from the FIAMM Dual horn DIY, because of the use of Disconnects, and the impossibility of mounting without a custom fabricated bracket.

Items needed:

Hella 12v Dual Supertone Horns (300mhz Low and 500mhz High)
12-10 gage Male and Female Disconnects
about 3 feet of 12-10 gage Electrical wire
Electrical tape
Wire Cutter
Wire Strip and Crimper
Black Silicone (optional)
Metal bracket (I used one from an Ebay Intake)
Assorted Bolts and nuts.. (I used " and 3/8")
Ratchet Set

1) Before installing the horns, you'll need to pre-fab the wiring. Cut four 6" to 7" pieces of wiring, and strip each end about " to ".

2) Splice two wire ends together and crimp on a male disconnect, seal with silicone and electrical tape.

3) Crimp female disconnects on the other two strands of the "Y" formation. This is important, as the horns have male terminals. Seal with silicone and wrap with tape

4) Repeat with the remaining two wires.

5) The horns come with mounting brackets, but will not be enough room to use together on the stock mounting location. You will need to fab a bracket. For this, I used an intake bracket from an ebay intake, but any other 6" aluminum bracket will work. First, you will need to drill a hole in the center. (for those with transmission coolers, you will need to do some test fitting to see where you can mount these. Disconnect your stock horn and bring the horns to the car with the bracket) find the center and mark with a sharpie. I used a quarter inch drill bit (the stock horn bolt is bigger, so you may have to use a different bit if using that location).

6) After finding the center, do some test fitting to see how far in you'll need to drill the two holes to mount the horns to the bracket. I chose about an inch in from each end.

7) Use the appropriate sized bolts and nuts to secure your horns to the bracket. Torque down enough so the horns do not move on the bracket, it may be necessary to use some reinforced tape to secure the moving ends (I used electrical tape, epoxy adhesive and aluminum tape, covered with a zip tie.. LOL)

8) Attach the female disconnects to the horns. Each horn has a Copper and a Silver Terminal, make sure each end of the "Y" goes to the same color.

9) Now its time to cut your stock horn harness. (make sure the battery is disconnected, or the fuse relay is removed). There is a red and a black wire inside the harness. You will need to strip about a " off each end and crimp on a Female disconnect. Wrap in electrical tape.

10) Mount your Horns to the stock bracket in your desired location. Torque down moderately, just enough so the horns don't slide.

11) Connect the female ends of the stock wires, to the male ends in your two "Y" s.

12) Wrap in electrical Tape, keeping each connection separate, Then re-wrap both connections. Make sure this is TIGHT.

13) Reconnect Battery or plug in fuse relay and test the horns. If all is well, move on to next step.

14) Torque down your fabricated bracket after making sure the horns are mounted evenly. Wrap the terminals with electrical tape. Close hood and enjoy.

Here's a quality source for these horns:

And details on the product:

Hella Twin Supertone Horn Set / Kit, 12 V
A more powerful warning signal than with only one supertone horn. Black housing and red metal protective grille. Complete kit with relay and fixing bracket. Typeapproved to ECE directives.

Horn Type: Disc Horn
Model: Twin Super Tone
Product No. : 3AG 003 399 801
Voltage: 12V
Power Consumption: 2 x 66W
Frequency: 500 Hz (High Tone) , 300 Hz (Low Tone)
Sound Level at 2 meters: 118 dB
Construction: Rugged Black Body with Red Protective Grille
Mounting: Bracket for Screw Mounting
Connection: Flat Plug
Dimension: 4-7 / 8" (124mm) Dia x 2-11 / 32" (60mm) Thickness
Weight: 1. 05 KG including Gift Box.

Hella Twin Super Tone Horn Kit Consisted of:
- 2 Disc Type Horn
- 1 Relay 12V 30A 4 Pin, 4RA 965 400 00
- 2 Mounting Brackets
- Installation Instruction at the top of Box

Aftermarket horns provide a louder, and often more pleasant sound than stock horns. Stock horns typically have an output of 97 dB. The decibel scale is logarithmic and therefore the sound pressure doubles for every increase of 3 points, (a horn with 118 dB is approximately seven times as loud as a stock horn).

Genuine Hella Made In Germany.

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