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Chat features the ability to adjust fonts and colors, add sounds, add emoticons and more. This help page will give you a complete overview of the club's chat system.

One very important note: You must have a Java enabled browser to use the chat room. If your browser does not have Java installed, the chat applet will not load! Also allow about a full minute for the chat room to load.

To start chatting: Chat messages are displayed in the main chat window. To add to the conversation, type in your message in the text box below the main chat window area and click on 'Send' button or hit the return key on your keyboard. If you are on a Macintosh you will need to hit the Return button on your keyboard. By default your message is sent to all users.

Send a private chat request to a user: You can send a private chat request to any user in a room. To send the request to the visitor, click on the visitor's name from within the user list, and click on the 'Private Chat' button. You can also double click on a user to invoke the private chat command. You will see a smaller window pop up and you can chat with the user in that window.

Ignore a user: You can ignore any visitor in a room. To ignore a user higlight a user's name, from within the chat user list, and then click on the 'Ignore' button. All ignored users will display a strike-thru through their name. You will not see anything the ignored visitor types, and the ignored visitor will be unable to have a private chat with you. To un ignore a visitor, click on the user's name from within the chat user list, and click on the 'Accept' button. You can ignore as many people as you wish.

Ignore Private Messages: You can ignore all private messages. When a private message is initiated you can click on the 'Ignore' checkbox and all future private messages will not be seen.
Bold Button: If you wish to BOLD your messages in the main chat window.

Italic Button: If you wish to Italicize your messages in the main chat window.

Color Button: If you wish to change the color of your messages in the main chat window.

Smilies: Add emoticons to your chat by pressing this. Click "more" to see the full list.

Sounds: There are a ton of funny sounds you can add to the chat. But don't overdo this feature, some chatters find it annoying.

The chat room has it's own user "control panel", you will find it located near the bottom of the chat room to the left of the help (?) button. There you can customize many aspects of the room.
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