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> MD/UD rear door speaker upgrade / door panel removal , by silvergls
Options V
Rear Door Speaker Installation
These compliment my Compact Powered Sub and Components speakers installed in the front doors very nicely.

Speaker comparisons

Speaker Terminals compared

Factory Speaker removal
Cut all speaker brackets fully except one saving the terminals using a diagonal wire cutter
Rubber surrounds removed at where the paper and rubber meets with a scissors

Factory wiring connector splice
Soldered speaker bracket terminals wired to the Infinitys


Door Panel removal:

Roll down the windows
Remove door panel cap at the rear

Remove 2 phillips screws by first popping the covers loose

Remove the door panel once again by prying and grabbing at the gap bellow the foward portion of the panel. Start from there and work your way around the entire panel. Panel is held in with push pins.

Carefully remove door panel by pulling upwards over the door seal. Then hold the panel slightly away from the door to remove the electrical wiring and door latch clip.

Removal done!

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