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Posted by: Crazytrain38 Jul 9 2014, 03:56 PM

Wellll, last year i had my new car for less than a week before i got into an accident because of some bad luck.

I was driving home along a stretch of highway at night, and in the fog mind you. I was about half a hour from home until i hear a bang and some grinding. i pulled over to the shoulder, turn off my car and turn it back on. it sounds bad, like as if someone removed the muffler. i decided not to risk it and not finish the journey, so i called Hyundai roadside service and ask them to call for a tow truck. while i was waiting for the truck, i tried to look around to see what i managed to hit. just about 20 feet from the car was a winch for a cargo strap you see on those flatbed truck.

The next morning, i got the call from the dealership and the servicing lady said something along the lines of, "What the hell did you manage to hit?" i told them to look in the trunk, because i put the winch back there. she manages to tell me the damages total $4300, and asked if i called my insurance company, and i said not yet. i thanked her, hung up and called the insurance company. luckily i only had to pay the $1000 deductible.

i took a visit to the dealership in the rental car the insurance company provided me with, and i saw the damage to the undercarriage. i. was. heartbroken.

so it took about 2 weeks to repair, and the insurance company said i was not at fault biggrin.gif! but since i got it back, i swear the engine doesn't sound like it used to, but i could just be paranoid. but all in all, i'm happy i have it back. now i just need to find out how to get a nasty scratch off my rear bumper after i backed into a rock last week.

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