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> Replacing Radiator (2000-2006) , How to remove and replace the radiator
Options V
Tools/supplies needed:
  • 10 mm and 12 mm socket wrench
  • Large Phillips head screw driver
  • Large channel lock pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Radiator fluid (brand really does not matter in these cars, just use a 50/50 mix of fluid and distilled water)
  • 1 Qt Hyundai SP III Automatic transmission fluid (for automatic transmission models only, only need about 1/4 qt)
  • catch pan for fluids

  1. Remove negative battery cable (every repair begins with this, I seldom do it)
  2. Drain Radiator (make sure engine is cold). You can open the drain located at the bottom drivers side of the radiator (use a large phillips head screwdriver) and take the radiator cap off for better/faster draining (or you can just let it drain from the lower hose)
    Use a catch container and dispose of old coolant properly, it is toxic and animals love to drink it
  3. Remove upper hose from radiator. For OEM hose clamps, they make a special tool but I just use large channel locks.
  4. unplug cooling fans
  5. Remove cooling fans (held in with 3 10 mm bolts at top of radiator)
    Remove pass side first, then drivers side.
  6. Remove lower radiator hose from radiator (again, I used the large channel locks)
  7. Remove automatic transmission cooling lines (if you have a manual, skip), drain runoff into container. I just use regular pliers to get the OEM style clamps loose
  8. Remove 4 10 mm bolts than connect the A/C condenser to radiator (2 on top sides, 2 about halfway down the radiator)
  9. Remove 2 12 mm bolts that hold radiator mount in place
  10. Lift radiator out

Installation is reverse of removal. Make sure you add enough coolant (50/50 mix is what is usually recommended), I used just over a gallon to fill the radiator and reservoir. Check level after first drive (again, once cool)
If you have an auto, you will need to add about 1/4 qt of SP III automatic transmission fluid to get the level back where it belongs.

While your replacing the radiator, it would also be a good time to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses as well as the thermostat since you already have the coolant out. This is just a preventative maintenance thing, not a absolute necessity.

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