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Posted by: abalaev Sep 12 2017, 02:29 PM

Hi guys!
Sorry for switching the subject. I tried contacting Mitch on the new forum but it looks like everything is down sad.gif
As usual we remember old friends when we need help...
I need some insight on what's going with my car... I hope you would be willing to help!
I have 05 XD GLS with around 220K on the clock, manual, I installed a new clutch some 120K ago.
Recently if I change gears [accelerate] at around 2000 rpms [low] then the car jerks like it wants to stall but eventually after 20-30 seconds of jerking it will accelerate. That doesn't happen all the time, I could have good and bad days...
If I change gears at 2500-3000 rpms [high] the car runs like new all the time, never saw the issue.
Any idea what that could be.
In case some one would be interested in replying my email:
Thanks in advance, Alex

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